The Institute of Professional Studies | Modular Certifications for Craftmen & Technicians


The Institute of Professional Studies (TIPS) in conjunction with National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) brought to you modular certificate examination December 2015 for craft men and technicians.

The body is the only certified regulatory board established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to empower technical education, now pleased to announce the introduction of single subjects and modular certificate examination in the following fields:


1    Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work     54M
2    Fabrication and Welding    55M
3    Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice     56M
4    Radio, Television and Electronics work     57M
5    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Practice    58M
6    Appliance Maintenance and Repair     62M
7    Marine Engineering Craft Practice    65M
8    Computer Craft Studies     67M
9    Animal Husbandry    68M
10    Fishery     69M
11    Furniture Design and Construction    73M
12    Painting and Decorating     75M
13    Plumbing and Pipe fitting    76M
14    Cosmetology    81M
15    Men’s Garment Making    82M
16    Ladies Garment Making     83M
17    Catering Craft Practice    84M
18    Printing Craft Practice     86M
19    Graphics Art     88M
20    Ceramics    89M
21    Photography     90M
22    Sectarians studies    91M
23    Book keeping     92M
24    Salesmanship     93M
25    Tourism    94M

The modular certificate examination are specially designed and tailored to meet the needs of:

•    Those who want to be certified in marketable modules of trade

•    Artisans/operatives and others who wish to upgrade their skills for the purpose of employment and upward mobility

•    Those trained in the informal education sector (Apprenticeship skill) but with adequate knowledge and skills to sit for the examination

•    For those interested in do-it-yourself in a profession of their choice

•    Graduates who decide to diversified
The modular trade certification is examined twice a year: March and December. Candidates are advised to attend two weeks training course before attempting examination


Two types of certification shall be awarded for eligible candidate
•    National Technical Certificate Modular (NTCM)
•    National Business Certificate Modular (NBCM)


Examinational fee #10,000 (practical fee, lecture fee and administrative charges inclusive)